Input signal out of range error

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope

Computer monitorTo resolve an input signal out of range error follow the steps below.

  1. Reboot the computer into Safe Mode.
  2. Once in Safe Mode, decrease your video card resolution to a resolution that's supported by the monitor.
  3. If you've changed the monitor resolution, reboot the computer to see if this resolves the issue.
  4. If the resolution is supported or following the above steps did not help, we suggest reinstalling the drivers for your monitor and video card by following the remainder of the steps.
  5. In Safe Mode, open the Windows Device Manager.
  6. Once in Device Manager, expand the "Display adapters" and "Monitors" sections and remove each of the devices listed under those two sections. You can do this by highlighting each device and pressing the delete key.
  7. Once the Display adapters and Monitors have been removed, reboot the computer and let Windows reinstall the drivers for these devices. If Windows cannot find the drivers or you need updated drivers for either of these devices, see the computer drivers section.

If after following the steps above, your monitor still displays the " Input signal out of range" error message, you may have a bad monitor or bad video card. Try one or both of the following options to determine if the monitor or video card is potentially bad.

  • Connect your monitor to another working computer. If the monitor works on another computer, then your computer potentially has a bad video card.
  • Borrow a working monitor from a friend or family member and connect it to your computer. If that monitor works, then your monitor is likely bad and should be replaced. If that monitor does not work as well, then your computer potentially has a bad video card.

After trying the options above, if you find that the issue may be a bad video card, we recommend that you replace the video card or have it professionally repaired.

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