STOP: 0x000000116 blue screen (BSOD) error

Updated: 05/05/2017 by Computer Hope

0x000000116 blue screen errorA blue screen error message that begins with STOP: 0x000000116 is due to video card or video driver related issues. Below are our recommendations in resolving this error.

Note: If you are unable to boot into Windows because the blue screen occurs immediately after Windows loads boot the computer Into Safe Mode. Once in Safe Mode open the Device Manager and remove all devices under "Display adapters" and reboot the computer to reinstall the video card.

Download and install latest drivers

Download and install the latest video drivers directly from the computer manufacturer. Or, if you are using a video card with an ATI or Nvidia chipset, you can download them from that company's website. See the video card driver's section for additional help with video drivers and listings of video card manufacturers.

If you have recently updated the video drivers and this issue began to occur it is likely due to an issue with the drivers. If available we suggest downgrading to an earlier driver version to resolve this issue.

Let Windows re-detect and reinstall video card

If downloading and installing the latest video drivers doesn't resolve the issue do the following. Open Device Manager, expand "Display adapters", and remove all devices listed in Display adapters by highlighting the device and pressing the delete key. Once this has been completed and Display adapters is gone, reboot the computer and allow Windows to reinstall the video card.

Other driver related issues

If doing the above driver suggestions does not resolve this issue make sure that no other driver related issues exist on the computer by making sure no errors exist in Device Manager. To do this open the Device Manager and making sure no devices exist with exclamation marks and that no "Other" devices are listed. If either of these exist, you can usually resolve the issues by downloading drivers for the devices in question and installing them. Alternatively, you can remove the devices in the device manager and then reboot to let Windows re-detect the devices.


If your computer or video card is overclocked in any way set the settings back to factory default settings. Overclocking can cause random issues and may be generating this blue screen error.


If your computer or your GPU is overheating this could definitely cause this issue to occur. Make sure your computer and your video card are not overheating.


This error could also be caused by bad memory.

Other bad hardware

Finally, if all the above steps have been performed without success you are likely encountering the 0x000000116 blue screen error because of defective hardware in the computer. Although this could be any of the components in the computer, because this error is affiliated with the video card it is most likely a defective video card.

If you have another video card try it in the computer or if you have another computer try your video card in it. Doing either of these tests would help determine if it is the video card that is causing this issue. If you do not have either of these options we suggest first starting with replacing the video card. Contact the video card manufacturer or computer manufacturer for a replacement or RMA if still in warranty. Otherwise, we suggest seeing our video card buying tips section for tips on buying a new video card.

Finally, as mentioned above this issue is most likely caused by a bad video card. However, it could also very likely be caused by a defective motherboard or PSU.

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