How to delete a page break in Word and OpenOffice Writer

Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope

The method for deleting a page break in Word or OpenOffice Writer depends upon how you are viewing your document. Click one of the links below that best describes how your page break looks.

Shows separate pages with no lines or symbols

If your pages are visually broken apart or similar to the example below, follow the steps below.

Word Page break with separate pages

  1. Move the I-beam pointer (cursor) to the beginning of the first line after your page break.
  2. Press your Backspace key.

See a page break line

If you see a page break line, as shown in the picture below, click on the page break line with your left mouse button to highlight the page break and press the Delete key.

Page break in Word.

See a page break symbol

If you see a symbol or other marking that indicates a page break, move your cursor after the symbol or marking and press the Backspace key.

Additional information

  • See the page break definition for further information and related links.