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Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope

How do I read the Pipboy 2000 disks?

Right-click on the disk you want to examine. Then left-click on the disk, choose the first hand, go to your Pipboy 2000 and click on status. On the left side under data, you should be able to read the information on the disk.

How do I install Fallout on Windows NT?

NT users can get around the installer by manually installing the game themselves. Note, however, that you must have at least NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3 to play the game. Also, Fallout should work fine but was not tested very much under NT.

For the instructions below, I will assume that you have created a folder called FALLOUT on your C: drive and that the drive the Fallout CD is in is your D: drive. Insert your actual drive letters where appropriate.

1. Copy the following file.

copy d:\program\win\falloutw.___ to c:\fallout\falloutw.exe.

2. Create a text file in c:\fallout called fallout.cfg and add the line below to it:


3. You now have four options corresponding to the four install sizes:

3a. Do not copy anything else. The size of this installation will be the smallest, but this is also the slowest way to play the game. If you do this, make sure you follow the steps in 3b, 3c & 3d below for editing the config file.

3b. Copy d:\master.dat to c:\fallout\master.dat. The size of the file is 318 MB. If you do _not_ do this step, add the following command on the next line in c:\fallout\fallout.cfg:


3c. Copy d:\critter.dat to c:\fallout\critter.dat. The size of the file is 150 MB. If you do not do this step, add the command below on the next line in c:\fallout\fallout.cfg:


3d. Copy the entire d:\data folder to c:\fallout\data. The data will total 73 MB. If you do not do this step, add the lines below to c:\fallout\fallout.cfg:


4. Add the following line to your [system] block:


5. Make sure you close and save your changes to the c:\fallout\fallout.cfg file.

For example, if you chose to not copy any of the data files over, you should have a fallout.cfg file that looks like this:


That should be it. Run c:\fallout\falloutw.exe to play the game.

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