Errors with ddraw.dll

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope
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Ddraw.dll is dll file associated with Microsoft DirectX DirectDraw. If this file is corrupted, or the incorrect version in comparison with the DirectX version existing on your hard drive, you can receive errors when attempting to run games or other software.

To resolve this issue, we recommend that you download the latest version of DirectX from Microsoft's website. If you have downloaded the latest version of DirectX and you are still encountering issues with DirectX, we recommend that you follow the steps below.

  1. Click Start, Find, click Find File or Folders.
  2. In the Name box, search for ddraw.dll and click Find Now.
  3. You should find at least one file located in the C:\Windows\SYSTEM directory.
  4. Right-click and choose properties on the ddraw.dll file.
  5. Click the Version tab.
  6. On the Version tab, verify that the file version matches the version of your DirectX.
  7. If you do not have a matching version, it is recommended that you delete this file and reinstall the latest version of DirectX.