Why do people hack computers?

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope
Anonymous individual using a laptop.

When someone hacks a computer or network system, it's usually for one of three main reasons:

Hacking for fun

Some hackers make attempts on computers, servers, or network systems for the personal gratification. Others may feel that they need to prove something to their peers or friends, and hack something only for the challenge.

Hacking to steal

Another reason to hack a system is to steal information or money. A large portion of hacking attempts fall into this category. Banks and large companies are common targets for hacking jobs, but sometimes smaller companies or even a specific person's computer are targeted, as well.

Hacking to disrupt

There are also some hackers, including hacking groups, that target a company to disrupt business, create chaos, and be a nuisance. These groups often try to make a statement with their hacking, demonstrate security inadequacies, or show general disapproval for the business itself. Examples of hacking groups that made headlines are Anonymous and LulzSec.