How to register a domain name

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope
Domain registration

To register a domain name and get a unique URL, you must go to the website of an accredited domain name registrar and find out if the name is available. If it has not already been registered by someone else, you can register it for an annual fee.

The registrar conducts the internal business of registration: it communicates with the registry operator, who maintains a database of all registered domain names on the Internet. An entry is added for the domain name you want to register, and your contact information is added to the domain entry.

Suggestions to consider when registering a domain name

  • Always try to get a .com domain name. Alternative domain suffixes for your domain name may be available, but everyone uses .com domain before any other suffix in the United States.
  • Keep your domain name as short as possible.
  • Avoid hyphens in your domain name unless you plan on also registering the domain name without the hyphen as well.

All the domain names I try are taken

It can be time-consuming finding a domain name that is not already registered. Although it may be possible to buy a domain name from the owner or an auction, we recommend continuing to search until you find a name. A trick we use when registering domains is finding keywords we like and then looking up alternative words in a Thesaurus.

What if I don't have a website yet?

You can register a domain name without already having a website. But, if you are pointing the domain name to a website, this registry also contains the nameserver information for your domain name. When users on the Internet type your domain name into the address bar, their request will be forwarded to the nameservers listed in your registration information. These servers are usually the nameservers operated by your hosting service.


If you already have a social networking site like a Facebook or Twitter, you can also forward the domain to your page or any location you want.

Do I really need a domain name?

A domain is an important part of having a website you intend to generate revenue from or want people to remember. A domain name helps potential customers remember the name for your website. For example, is easier to remember and type than

What is a domain name alias or domain alias?

A domain alias is a cheaper solution that points to a domain name to an alternative website. For example, a user would type but be forwarded to, a blog, or a social networking site. Although this is a cheaper solution, consider if this is the best solution for their site.

Does capitalization matter when registering a domain name?

No. A domain is not case sensitive, which means if you're searching for a domain or registering a new name you can use uppercase or lowercase. For example, "COMPUTERHOPE.COM," "," and "" are all the same domain names.