How to add a header or footer in a Microsoft Word document

Updated: 04/01/2018 by Computer Hope
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In Microsoft Word 2007 and higher, you may insert a header or footer into your documents. These elements stay at the top or bottom of your page, and can be edited separately from the body of your document. They may include graphics (like a company logo), the author's name or contact information, the page number, or the date the document was created or published. Headers appear at the top of the page, footers appear at the bottom, and they may both be used on the same page.


These instructions apply to Word 2016, Word 2013, Word 2010, and Word 2007.

How to make a header or footer

  1. Select Insert.
  2. Select Header or Footer.
  3. Choose one of the built-in templates displayed. Your selected template is added to your document.
  4. Place your cursor in the header or footer, and add your desired text.
  5. When you're done editing, select Close Header and Footer.
  6. To make additional edits to your header or footer, double-click it to open the Header & Footer Tools.

For instance, double-clicking the header should appear similar to the example shown below.


With your cursor is in the header section, type the text you'd like to appear in your header.

By default, the header appears in every page of your document. If you want the header of the first page to look different, check the option Different First Page in the Ribbon at the top of your screen. Also, in the Header & Footer Tools section of the Ribbon, you can adjust the header size, and choose if you want it to appear differently on odd and even pages.

When you are done modifying the header, you can either double-click on the body of the document, or click the Close Header and Footer button in the Ribbon.

How to remove a header or footer

To remove a header or footer, double-click it. Then, in the Ribbon at the top of your screen, click Header or Footer, then choose Remove Header or Remove Footer.