How to add and customize a table in Microsoft Word

Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope
Microsoft Word table

Adding a table to Microsoft Word can be a great way to display data in a tabular format and a great way to represent a lot of data in a list format. For example, adding a table to display a listing of prices is much easier to read in a table.


You can also create a table in Microsoft Excel and then copy and paste that table into a Microsoft Word document, keeping all the same formatting.

How to add a table in Word

  1. In Word, move to where you want to add the table.
  2. Click on the Insert tab.
  3. Click the Table button and then select how many cells, rows, and columns you want the table to display. You can click Insert Table and then enter the number of columns and rows to create.

Resizing the table

Once the table is inserted, you can adjust the table's size by moving the mouse to the bottom right corner of the table until you get a double-headed arrow. Once this arrow is visible, click and drag the table in the direction you want the table to expand.


This resizes the table and does not add more rows or columns to the table. To add additional rows or columns to the table, right-click in a cell in the table. Then, choose Insert in the pop-up menu, and then choose where you want to insert a column or row (Above or Below for a row and Left or Right for a column).

Changing the look of the table

After the table is added to the document, move your cursor into a cell in the table and click the Design tab. In the Design tab, you can adjust the Header Row, Total Row, and how the rows appear. You can also adjust the overall look of the table by clicking on one of the table styles.

Moving the table

After the table is added to the document, it can be moved to anywhere else in the document. To move the table, hover over the table, then click and drag the arrows in the top left corner of the table.

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