How to log out from an online account or website

Updated: 02/27/2019 by Computer Hope
log off

Anyone who uses the Internet has likely logged into an online account such as YouTube, Facebook, or PayPal. If you have logged into an online account through an Internet browser, you should log out, or sign off, from your account to protect your personal information.

Most online accounts provide a similar method to securely log out, likely one of the options below. You may have to click on your profile picture or username to reveal this option.

  • Exit
  • Log off
  • Log out
  • Logout
  • Sign off
  • Sign out

Look for one of these options near the top-left or top-right section of the browser window, or in a drop-down menu on the account page. Clicking that option will log you out of the online account.

Examples of log out, sign out, and sign off options

Online account log out options

Online account sign out options

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