How to duplicate a tab in an Internet browser

Updated: 12/05/2021 by Computer Hope
Internet browsers

When visiting a web page or performing an Internet search, you may want to open a duplicate browser tab with the same URL (uniform resource locator) in the address bar. Using this method, you can keep the first web page open in the duplicated tab, and visit another web page in the first tab.

For example, you could perform a search on, and view a product page from the search results. If you wanted to view another product page from the same search results, you can duplicate the browser tab. The first product's page remains open in the duplicated tab, allowing you to go back to the search results in the first tab and view the second product's page.

How to duplicate a browser tab


The steps below work for the major Internet browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

  1. Open your preferred Internet browser.
  2. Access the web page you want to duplicate to a second browser tab.
  3. Right-click the browser tab and select Duplicate or Duplicate Tab, depending on the browser.
  4. You should see a second, duplicate tab opens with the same web page displayed as on the first tab.