How to get more YouTube subscribers

Updated: 03/13/2021 by Computer Hope
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YouTube is an excellent resource for posting different types of videos. If you have a hobby, can teach, or want to do a vlog, YouTube is the best place to do this. However, to get paid for your content, you currently have to have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. While not all-inclusive, below is a list of several great ways to get more subscribers and views on YouTube.

Add content frequently

The most important thing to get more subscribers is to create quality content regularly. If possible, once a day or once a week. The YouTube algorithm favors channels that consistently post videos over channels that rarely upload. Ideally, your videos should be free of errors and demonstrate the best form or function of what you're trying to demonstrate.

"Content is king." -Bill Gates
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Promote your videos

Promote your videos using all social network sites. Ideally, once a day, post a short video or picture of that which you're working. A behind-the-scenes picture on Instagram or a tweet hinting at your next project can be engaging ways to remind your audience you exist. Even if you're not posting a video once a day, this is a great way to keep viewers intrigued with your projects.

Follow similar channels

Follow other channels similar to yours on YouTube and other social media sites. Chances are they'll follow you back, especially if your content is good, and this helps raise awareness of your site. Networking with other channels can also open the door for collaboration in the future, which is another great way for both parties to gain exposure.

Create content in proven categories

Create quality content in a proven category such as DIY videos, online game videos, ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), cooking, tech, and health and fitness. These video genres have existing audiences, allowing your videos to be featured to viewers of similar content in the recommendations section.

Comment on on similar videos in your category

Comment on other channels similar to yours to get your name out there. Try to avoid blatantly advertising your videos, as this is practice is frowned upon in the community. Instead, establish your online identity by commenting candid reactions to other videos. Your content should only be mentioned if it's truly relevant to the video you are commenting on. Otherwise, it's seen as invasive or desperate.

Clean up your YouTube homepage

Your YouTube channel homepage should feature pictures of items related to what you're posting. Try not to make the pictures overwhelming. Changing your YouTube icon to a recognizable avatar for your brand and creating an informative banner can be useful in establishing a consistent brand.

Channel trailer

Make a channel trailer about what your channel features. This trailer can be highlighted on your channel, showing it to newcomers before other videos you've posted. To do this, visit the YouTube Studio page and look under the "Video Spotlight" section.

Create playlists

Make several playlists of your videos. Target your audience with catchy titles such as "My Favorite Videos" or "Top Videos of February." You can also intermix your content with videos from other creators, featuring other content similar to your own. If fans like the other content in the playlist, they may check yours out as well.

Ask viewers to subscribe

In each of your videos, ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. While this won't attract 100% of the viewers, even a percentage of those viewing that subscribe is beneficial.

Use the YouTube watermark feature to create a subscribe button for your viewers to get to your subscription area quickly.

Add a call to action in your YouTube video description for people to subscribe.

Use the YouTube end screen on your videos to ask people to subscribe.

Have a contact page

In the "About" tab of your channel, make a section where people can contact you if necessary. People like interaction. It's also beneficial if someone has a suggestion for your channel and doesn't want to display it in a comment publicly.

Final thoughts

Getting your first 1,000 subscribers is the hardest part. Getting your channel name out there is daunting but worth it in the end.

One final note. When you first sign up, your channel will be challenging for others to find, even for you. Once you start getting some watch time, your channel increases in popularity, making it easier for people to find you. Once you get 100 subscribers, YouTube gives you a custom URL (uniform resource locator) for your channel. Also, the YouTube algorithm starts suggesting your videos to others interested in what you're doing.