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Acid3 is a test for web page's that was developed by the Web Standards Project (WaSP). It is designed to test the compliance of a web browser with web standards and is mostly written in JavaScript.

Acid3 Test overview

The Acid3 Test is divided into six sections, which are called "buckets," which each have many subtests that are run on specific web standards:

  1. HTTP, DOM
  2. DOM2 and DOM2 Events
  3. CSS3 selectors, Media Queries, and DOM2 Views and Style
  4. Manipulation of HTML tables and forms
  5. HTML, Unicode, SVG, others
  6. JavaScript/ECMAScript

The browser must pass the test using its default settings. If successful, the result will be 100/100 with colored rectangles displaying. The type of rectangle displayed for each of the six buckets will depend on the number of subtests passed in each bucket, using the following system:

Rectangle Type Number of Subtests Passed
No rectangle 0
Black rectangle 1-5
Grey rectangle 6–10
Silver rectangle 11–15
Colored rectangle 16

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