Ad hoc

Updated: 10/02/2017 by Computer Hope

Ad hoc may refer to any of the following:

ad hoc definition1. A Latin phrase that means "for this," ad hoc is anything designed for a single purpose at hand, rather than being well-formed or planned.

2. When referring to networking, an ad hoc network is a wireless network that features self-configuration and the potential for each wireless node to dynamic forward and receive data. In other words, devices connect to each other on the fly, to share data between them without needing a network router, network switch or other network equipment to create the network. The devices themselves act as the network equipment, creating a network between them.

The first wireless ad hoc network was the packet radio network, or PRNETs in the 1970s. Today, there are several types of ad hoc networks, created between laptops, tablets, cell phones and other devices that communicate wirelessly. In the ad hoc network, devices connect and disconnect as needed. Therefore, the network structure needs to be capable of handling the dynamic nature of this connectivity, and perform it efficiently and reliably.

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