Updated: 08/02/2020 by Computer Hope

Append may refer to any of the following:

1. The process of attaching or combining data with another file or set of data.

How do I append two files together in the Windows command line?

Use the copy Windows command line to append multiple files together. See our copy command page for examples and additional information.

How can I append text into a file in the Windows command line?

Using the echo command, you can append any text to a file. Below, is an example of an echo command that can be used at the Windows command line. In the example below, the echo command is echoing "this is an example" to the screen and ">>" is appending that echo to the test.txt file.

echo this is an example >> test.txt

When text is appended to a file, it is added at the end or bottom.

How do I append to a file that is open?

When a file is open a program may write protects or mark the file as being used. If a file is protected, you get an error when attempting to append or write any data to that file. To append to a protected file, the program protecting the file must be closed.

2. Append is an MS-DOS and FTP command that opens files in another directory as if they were in the current directory.

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