Apple FaceTime

Updated: 06/16/2017 by Computer Hope
apple face-time

Apple FaceTime is a way to make video calls to other people using a Mac computer, iPhone 4, iPad 2 or iPod Touch. Using FaceTime, a user can talk to and see the other person. FaceTime is similar to the Skype service, with the difference being that it is only designed for use with Apple devices instead of all platforms including Windows or Android devices.

Calling another person is as simple as clicking on the phone number of the person, if using the iPhone, or using their e-mail address if using a Mac, iPad or iPod Touch. The call will ring through to all Mac devices the recipient has, even if FaceTime is not running on the devices. Using a MacBook Pro computer will provide the bonus of having a 720p resolution for video calls, as long as the FaceTime HD camera is built-in on the MacBook Pro being used.

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