Updated: 12/31/2022 by Computer Hope
Terms of use

Short for acceptable use policy, AUP is an agreement between the user and company on how a service can be used. By utilizing the service associated with the AUP, the user agrees to the terms of use in the policy.

For example, an AUP between a user and an ISP (Internet service provider) may state the user cannot utilize their connection for any illegal activity, such as pirating movies. Not following the AUP may result in a suspension of your Internet connection or throttling of your service.


When describing Internet usage, AUP may also be called Internet Use Policy.

Do I have to agree to the AUP?

If you plan on using the provided service, you must agree (sign) the AUP. If you don't agree to one of the terms, you cannot use the service. With a website that doesn't prompt you to agree to its AUP when opening one of its web pages, you agree to its terms as you continue to use its service.

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