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Axis may refer to any of the following:

Axis1. Alternatively referred to as a coordinate axis an axis is an imaginary line that crosses through a point. In a 3-D environment, there are three axis's as shown in the illustration. In this illustration, you can see an X, Y, and Z-axis, the X-axis is the horizontal axis, the Y-axis is the vertical axis, and the Z-axis is the depth axis. For example, your computer mouse, joystick, and any other pointing devices are a few examples of hardware devices that use an axis to determine where the cursor is shown on the screen.

Below is a JavaScript script, which if enabled shows you the mouses x-axis and y-axis position as you move your mouse on your screen. Moving the mouse left to right changes the X-axis and up and down changes the Y-axis.

JavaScript Y-axis mouse position

Mouse X-axis position
Mouse Y-axis position

2. An axis or chart axis is the description of values displayed on the side of a chart that describes the values of what is being displayed.

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