Backlit gaming keyboard

Updated: 05/09/2017 by Computer Hope

A backlit gaming keyboard, also called an illuminated keyboard or backlit keyboard, is a keyboard that features lights inside the keyboard. The lights provide illumination behind and around the keys so they can be seen in low light or dark environments. The light source is most often composed of mini LED light bulbs for energy efficiency and increased brightness. Backlit gaming keyboards popular amongst computer gamers, but can also be used for any other computer work. Below is a picture of a multicolor backlit gaming keyboard from G.SKILL.

Backlit gaming keyboard from G.SKILL

How to enable and disable a backlit keyboard

The backlit feature is most often activated by touching the keys or around the edge of the keyboard. The lights automatically turn off after a short period when the keys or keyboard edges are not touched. Automatically turning off the lights helps to conserve battery power, extending the life of the batteries between charges.

Laptops and desktop backlit keyboards can also have special keys or FN keys that can turn the backlit on and off permanently and may allow the color to be changed.

How much does a backlit gaming keyboard cost?

Backlit gaming keyboards are more expensive than standard keyboards, usually costing $90 or more. They are available as wired and wireless. Wireless models require batteries to work and may include a USB cable to plug the keyboard into the computer to charge the batteries.

Many keyboard manufacturers that make backlit gaming keyboards, with the most popular including Corsair, G.SKILL, Logitech, and RAZER.

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