Updated: 02/04/2024 by Computer Hope

A block may refer to any of the following:

1. With a hard drive or other storage devices, a block is a segment of a large area that can be assigned to store data.

2. With a text cursor, a block cursor is a cursor that indicates text will be overwritten. See our insert key definition for further information on this cursor and how text insertion can be changed.

3. In computer programming, a code block or enclosing block is a group of declarations and statements that operates as a unit, usually with its own level of lexical scope. For instance, a block of code may define a function, a conditional statement, or a loop. Below is an example of a conditional statement structured as a code block.

if ($question eq "answered") {
  print("Thanks Computer Hope!");

A programming block should not be confused with block-based programming, a type of programming.


In Notepad++ use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+B to select text within a block.

4. With a radio frequency or spectrum, a block is a subset range of radio frequencies in a larger band.

5. With IP addresses, a block is an allocation of addresses assigned to a network or business. For example, it's the responsibility of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to assign blocks of IP addresses to a company to use on the Internet.

6. When describing a company, Block Inc. is the name of the company formerly known as Square Inc.

7. In general, block describes anything that's restricted. For example, a parent may block a website from being visited so their children are not exposed to anything they shouldn't be seeing.

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