Updated: 04/01/2018 by Computer Hope

Boot may refer to any of the following:

1. Alternatively referred to as boot up, booting is the process of powering on a computer and getting into the operating system. During the boot process, the computer will perform a self-diagnostic, also known as a POST and load necessary drivers and programs that help the computer and devices communicate. As your computer is booting, you may see a screen similar to the example picture below.

Computer Boot screen

In the above example, this screen is displaying the BIOS information, the type of computer, CPU, and memory for the computer and a prompt to enter BIOS setup.

If the computer cannot boot, you may receive a boot failure error, which indicates that the computer is not passing POST or a device in the computer such as the hard drive has failed.

2. See the kick definition for additional information about what it means to get boot or booted from chat.

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