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Browse may refer to any of the following:

Woman browsing the Internet

1. In general, browse refers to reading and scanning through data. Browsing is commonly used to describe when a user reads through web pages on the Internet and is also often referred to as surfing. For example, you're browsing the Internet with an Internet browser now if you're reading this page on your computer. If you have visited more than one page on Computer Hope, you are browsing our website.


If you are interested in browsing a website, the two best places to visit are the homepage and the site map.

2. When describing files on a computer, browsing is the action of looking through drives, shares, and folders on a computer for a file. For example, in a software program, when you want to open a file, you'll often have to browse your computer to locate it. On Microsoft Windows computers you can browse a computer using the File Explorer.


When browsing files, you may have the option to browse files of a certain type. For example, in Microsoft Word, it may default to only browsing for Microsoft Word documents (*.doc, *.docx, etc.). If the file you're trying to open does not match the file types, it's not shown when browsing until you change what file types to show.

3. With a database, browse is a mode for viewing the fields and records in the database.

4. In computer programming, browse is examining data structures.

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