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Bricklayer building a wall

Build may refer to any of the following:

1. In general, when used as a verb, build describes constructing something by putting two or more parts together. For example, someone may take different computer parts to build a new computer.

2. In gaming, a build describes the arrangement of skills, items, and other attributes that make a character. A player can look at other stronger players' builds to help get ideas on making their character stronger or more efficient.

Some games, like Minecraft, allow players to construct objects and structures using in-game materials. Completed building projects in these games are also called "builds." Players sometimes challenge each other to building competitions where each contestant must build a structure in response to the same prompt, such as "midieval house" or "hot air balloon."

Example Windows 10 build number

3. In software development, to build means to convert source code and various digital assets into a finished software application ready for the user. The build process may involve compiling and unit testing. Automated build tools such as make, cmake, maven, or gradle helps developers to configure and streamline the build process. The finished application, called a software build, is assigned a unique build number (a special type of version number) to distinguish it from previous builds.

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