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Builtin may refer to any of the following:

Illustration of a command terminal and a toolbox, representing builtin commands.

1. A builtin (or builtin command, or shell builtin) is a command or function that is part of the shell itself. The command is "built-in" to the shell program — no external program is necessary to run the command, and a new process does not need to be created. Builtin commands are available in most shells, detailed in the next section.

Shells that support builtin commands

In the Windows command prompt, builtin commands are called internal commands. In PowerShell, they are called cmdlets.


In bash, and in the Windows command prompt, you can display a list of built-in commands with the command help.

2. With computer hardware, built-in refers to a device or peripheral that is included as part of other hardware. For example, a laptop with a built-in webcam is a camera that's built into the bezel of a laptop. Having a built-in camera allows the user to record themselves without needing to purchase a webcam.

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