Bundled software

Updated: 10/18/2022 by Computer Hope
Bundle of newspapers.

Alternatively called bundleware, bundled software is any software included with a new computer, hardware, or another program. This bundled software is included at no additional cost to the user, as it helps promote the software with demos of the actual program. Sometimes, they may contain full versions of programs but are usually trials that expire after so many days.

What is pre-installed and pre-loaded software?

Bundled software may also be called pre-installed software and pre-loaded software; these terms refer to any software installed or loaded onto a computer before it's sold or used. To help prevent confusion, software installed by the computer manufacturer is known as bundled software. All other software installed by another business, school, or individual before it's sold or used is called pre-installed software or pre-loaded software.


When pre-installing software for other users, check with the developer that a new EULA (end-user license agreement) is unnecessary. Often, a new user agreement is needed because the user who will be using the software isn't the one agreeing to the EULA when it's being installed.

Can I remove bundled software?

Yes. Any bundled software included with a computer can be removed without affecting the computer. However, if any of these programs provide a function (e.g., virus protection), that function would be removed when uninstalled.

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