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CD may refer to any of the following:

1. Short for compact disc, see the compact disc definition for additional information about this term.

CD command used to move back one directory.

2. Short for change directory, cd is a command commonly used to change the directory in a command line operating system.

Basic examples of the CD command

Below is a quick overview of the available options for the CD command. These options may be different for your command line (e.g., MS-DOS vs. Linux) for more detailed information see the cd command page for your command line in the related pages section.

Command Description
cd hope Moves into the hope directory if available in the current directory. This directory name could be substituted for any name.
cd .. or cd.. Move back one directory (parent directory). MS-DOS and the Windows command line supports either of these commands. However, Linux requires the space between the cd and the two periods.
cd\ or cd / Moves back to the root directory.
cd ~ Moves back to the home directory.

3. With computer gaming, cd is short for cool down.

4. With hexadecimal "CD" or "0xCD" is the decimal equivalent of 205.

5. The Internet domain suffix .cd is short for Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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