Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope

CE may refer to any of the following:

1. Short for compact edition, CE is a version of Microsoft Windows that works on mobile devices.

2. Alternatively known as CE, consumer electronics are everyday electronic devices containing circuit boards often used in communications, office productivity, and entertainment. Some examples include camcorders, MP3 players, TVs, digital cameras, smartphones, video game consoles, and personal computers.

3. The CE button on calculators is short for "cancel entry" or "clear entry" and is a button used to clear the last number entered. Calculators that have this key also have a C button that is used to clear everything. For example, if several numbers have been entered before the number you're entering now, you can press the CE button to only clear the current number without deleting any prior numbers.

4. Collector's edition, sometimes abbreviated as CE, is a limited quantity special edition of a product such as computer software. It provides additional features or content, for an additional cost. For example, a collector's edition of a video game may include a limited edition figurine of a character in the game, and provide the player with exclusive in-game items.

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