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citationThe term cite or citation is used to describe the process of quoting or mentioning an author, book, passage, or website when referencing or backing up an argument, especially in school work.

Computer Hope citation information

To reference a page on Computer Hope include the full URL, the page title, and 'Computer Hope,' which is considered the author. Below are examples on how the Computer Hope Safe Mode web page viewed on April 26, 2016, could be referenced.

APA (American Psychological Association) style

Computer Hope, Getting into Windows Safe Mode. April 26, 2016, from

MLA (Modern Language Association) style

Computer Hope contributors. "Getting into Windows Safe Mode." Computer Hope. 26 Apr. 2016

Tip: The MLA style does not require a URL. However, if this is for a school assignment, some instructors may want you to include it.

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