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A client may refer to any of the following:

Server and clients

1. A client is a computer that connects to and uses the resources of a remote computer or server. Many corporate networks comprise a client computer for each employee, each of which connects to the corporate server. The server provides resources like files, information, Internet and intranet access, and external processing power. In the case of processing, any work done on the server is known as "server-side" work. Any work done on the local client is similarly called "client-side."

The following example compares a client-side script and a server-side script and explains how a client computer interacts with an Internet server.

Client side vs server-side scripting

Types of clients

Some software may list a type of client to help identify the client's operating system. Below are examples of client types you may see listed.

2. Client is also another name for a software program used to connect to a server.

3. A client is another term describing a user.

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