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Condition may refer to any of the following:

1. With computer programming, a condition is the state of something in the program that's true or false. For example, when looking at the condition of a computer variable, you can use a conditional statement to evaluate the condition of the variable. See conditional statement for more information and coding examples.

2. In general, condition is the state (good or bad) of something or someone. For example, when buying a used laptop computer labeled as being in fair condition, it likely has scratches, dirt, and other marks from being used.

The most common conditions used for describing the state of something are the following.

  • New - Never used, no damage, and unopened packaging.
  • Like new - Used once or twice, with no damage. Includes the original packaging.
  • Excellent - Gently used, few light scratches or marks. May include original and intact packaging.
  • Good - Shows signs of moderate use, some scratches or marks, possible light dust or dirt build-up.
  • Fair - More extensively used. Has scratches, marks, dirt and dust build-up. May have several light cracks or tears in the outer material or casing.
  • Poor - Heavily used, with many scratches and marks, and possibly very dirty or dusty. May have cracks or tears in the outer material or casing. May be missing some accessories or components, or may not work properly.

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