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A conversion may refer to any of the following:

conversion definition

1. With websites, a conversion is a term used to describe when a designed action or goal is completed. For example, when someone visits a page from a search engine if they submit their e-mail address or buy a product that can be considered a conversion or a converted visitor. If the visitor leaves without doing anything, it is seen a bounce.

2. A conversion is a term used to describe the ability to transfer one file or a segment of data from one format to another format. An example of a conversion could be converting a text file or CSV file into an Excel spreadsheet file.

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3. Convert can also mean the process of converting any data into another type of data. For example, the Computer Hope convert tool can convert any text into binary, hex, and other forms of text and data. Try it now by entering any text in the below text box.

Conversion tool

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