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Mouse click

Ctrl+click is a keyboard and mouse shortcut combination that performs different functions depending on where and how it's used. Below are each of the locations where this shortcut is used and the function it performs.


If you are using an Apple computer, you can use the Command key instead of Ctrl to perform the following examples.

Highlighting objects

If you single-click while holding down Ctrl, you may select multiple files or objects at the same time. The following steps show you how to practice highlighting multiple options using the control method (Ctrl+click) in the example box below.

  1. Click one of the options in the selection box under step 5. For example, you could click the first "Mouse" option.
  2. Press and hold the left or right Ctrl on the keyboard.
  3. While continuing to hold Ctrl, select each additional item you want to highlight. For example, you could click "Tips" and "Tricks" to have "Mouse," "Tips," and "Tricks" all highlighted.
  4. If done correctly, multiple items in the list are selected. To remove one of the highlighted items, click a highlighted item again while still pressing Ctrl.
  5. Once all items you want are highlighted, you can let go of Ctrl.

While in a browser, pressing and holding Ctrl and then left clicking any hyperlink opens that link in a new tab. This shortcut is helpful for when you're reading a web page and are interested in a link, but want to continue reading the current page.


Doing the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Left-click opens the link in a new tab and then also moves you into that new tab.

In a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, pressing and holding Ctrl while clicking a hyperlink opens it in the default browser. Using this shortcut is helpful when reading a document and you want to view a web page or verify the link works.

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