Updated: 05/01/2023 by Computer Hope
Ctrl+E keyboard shortcut

Alternatively written as Control+E, ^e, and C-e, Ctrl+E is a keyboard shortcut that varies depending on the program. For example, in most Internet browsers, Ctrl+E is used to focus on the address or search bar.

How to use the Ctrl+E keyboard shortcut

To use this keyboard shortcut, press and hold either Ctrl key, and while continuing to hold, press E.

Ctrl+E in an Internet browser

In Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer, Ctrl+E focuses on the address bar, search bar, or omnibox. Using this shortcut can be helpful when you're done browsing the current page and want to type in a new address or search for something else without using the mouse.

Ctrl+E in Microsoft PowerPoint

In Microsoft PowerPoint, Ctrl+E aligns an object with the center of the slide.

Ctrl+E in Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word, pressing Ctrl+E changes the alignment of a line or selected text so that it is centered on the page.

Ctrl+E in Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, pressing Ctrl+E collapses an expanded array formula.

Using Ctrl+E with Skype

In Skype, pressing Ctrl+E hangs up the current call.

Using Ctrl+E in Linux bash shell

While at a bash shell in Linux, pressing Ctrl+E moves to the end of the line currently being typed.

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