Updated: 05/01/2023 by Computer Hope
Ctrl+Shift+I keyboard shortcut

The Ctrl+Shift+I keyboard shortcut is most commonly used to open the inbox in Microsoft Outlook. Below are other programs that use this keyboard shortcut and related information.

How to use the Ctrl+Shift+I

To use this keyboard shortcut, press and hold either Ctrl and Shift key, and while continuing to hold them, press the I key.

Ctrl+Shift+I with most Internet browsers

With most Internet browsers, pressing Ctrl+Shift+I opens the developer tools for the browser.

Ctrl+Shift+I in Microsoft Outlook

Pressing Ctrl+Shift+I opens the inbox in Microsoft Outlook.

Ctrl+Shift+I in Photoshop

Creating a selection in Photoshop using the marquee tool and then pressing Ctrl+Shift+I inverses the selection. In other words, change everything unselected to be selected and change anything selected to be unselected.

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