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Alternatively referred to as cyberwarfare, cyberwar is a term used to describe a fictional future conflict that takes place in the virtual world, or over the Internet. Below are some examples of what many believe could happen during cyberwar, cyberterror, or a cyberattack.

Examples of cyberwar

  • Attacks on government or military websites to gain confidential information, disrupt, disable, or creating backdoors for future attacks.
  • Attacks on an individual or collection of websites that prevent them from being accessed.
  • Attack on a news site or other information site to spread fake news about events not happening to cause small breakouts of false hysteria.
  • Attacks on major utilities such as power, water, gas, etc. causing disruptions or complete outages.
  • Attacks on financial institutions, banks, stock trading, etc. causing disruptions, outages, or false information.
  • Attacks on major backbones, routers, or other sections of the Internet causing disruptions in all Internet traffic.

The first widely known use of a cyberweapon and cyber attack

In 2010, the Stuxnet virus was discovered and is considered to be the first cyberweapon used in a cyberattack that targeted the Iran uranium enrichment infrastructure.

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