DB Connector

Updated: 09/15/2017 by Computer Hope

Short for A DB connector is a connector that is in the shape of a horizontal D. Common DB connectors include DB-9, DB-15, DB-19, DB-25, DB-37, and DB-50, the number indicates how many active lines the connector has, but not always how many pins it has.

DB-9 & DB-15

Computer serial portAdditional information and help with the DB-9 and DB-15 or the standard PC serial port can be found on our serial port overview.

The DB-9 and DB-15 are also found on Network cards. The DB-9 cable is sometimes used for Token-Ring adapters, and the DB-15 is used for the Thicknet coaxial cables.

The DB-9 port is also found on the NeXT computer is used to connect laser printers.


The DB-19 is a connector found on the Apple Macintosh, NeXT, and some Atari computers, and is used to connect external disk drives.


The DB-25 port is a SCSI interface.


Connector found on various network devices used to connect network hubs and other network devices and perform other functions. Companies that utilize this cable include Cisco, Nortel, SMC, and others.

The DB-37 connector also connects devices such as sensors, switches, satellite antennas, control systems, video studio automation, security control systems, and other equipment.


SCSI connector that is rarely used or found today.

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