Updated: 04/09/2024 by Computer Hope

DCIM may refer to any of the following:

1. Short for digital camera images, DCIM is a folder containing the files of pictures taken by a digital camera and smartphone. It may contain several subfolders based on the dates during which the images were created.

The location of the DCIM folder depends on the type of storage used in the camera. For instance, users may find the DCIM folder on a memory card or the camera's internal storage device.

2. Data center infrastructure management, or DCIM, is software used to monitor and manage the infrastructure in a data center. DCIM helps users and companies determine how their servers, data storage systems, and networking equipment are utilized and ways to improve their utilization. DCIM also monitors the power consumption of all equipment in the data center.

There are many DCIM programs available, and some provide features and capabilities for monitoring and managing data centers of all sizes. Examples of popular and powerful DCIM software titles include Cormant-CS, EkkoSense, Nlyte, and Sunbird.

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