Updated: 06/30/2020 by Computer Hope

A dialer may refer to any of the following:

Windows Phone Dialer

1. The Phone Dialer is a program included with Windows that enables users to use their Modem as a speed dialer. It also allows users to see incoming calls on the modem phone line, and in newer versions, host a network of available phone numbers and conference numbers. The image shows the Phone Dialer in Windows 95.

How do I run Phone Dialer?

In the Windows Run box, type dialer and press Enter.

2. A dialer describes a program available on the Internet that promises users access to free adult material, software, games, etc. However, it disconnects the modem to dial a long distance or toll number to get the information. Unfortunately, often the user is unaware of these costs, causing expensive phone bills. Today, with users no longer using a modem, dialers are not as common.

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