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Digital may refer to any of the following:

Digital signal

1. An electronic signal sent as binary digits of either ON (the number one) or OFF (the number zero). A digital signal steps between ON or OFF discontinuously, while an analog signal is continuous, like a wave. This example illustrates a digital picture where a pixel is turned either ON or OFF to create an image (picture) on a display.

Computer digital words

Because everything done on a computer is digital, the term digital comes up a lot in computer terminology. Below is a list of computer terms containing the word "digital" and links to the pages describing those terms.

Digital advertising
Digital Anvil
Digital artifact
Digital assistant
Digital audio
Digital audio editor
Digital audio extraction
Digital audio file
Digital Audio Labs
Digital audio player
Digital Audio Tape
Digital audio workstation
Digital book
Digital camcorder
Digital camera
Digital camera companies
Digital camera image
Digital certificate
Digital citizenship
Digital commerce
Digital communications
Digital content
Digital currencies
Digital currency
Digital data
Digital Data Storage
Digital data transmission
Digital device
Digital display
Digital distribution
Digital distribution platform
Digital divide
Digital download
Digital Equipment Corporation
Digital etiquette
Digital exhaust
Digital eyestrain
Digital file

Digital fingerprint
Digital footprint
Digital forensics
Digital image
Digital Image Stabilization
Digital imaging
Digital input
Digital, Intel, and Xerox
Digital library
Digital Light Processing
Digital line
Digital linear tape
Digital literacy
Digital Living Network Alliance
Digital loopback
Digital loop carrier
Digitally signed
Digital media
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Digital modem
Digital money
Digital monitor
Digital music
Digital music hub
Digital pen
Digital photo
Digital photo scanner
Digital picture
Digital platform
Digital projector
Digital publishing
Digital recording
Digital research
Digital retailer
Digital rights management

Digital Satellite Service
Digital signal
Digital Signal 3
Digital signal processor
Digital signature
Digital signature standard
Digital Simultaneous Voice Data
Digital sort
Digital sound card
Digital storage
Digital subscriber line
Digital tablet
Digital technology
Digital Theater Sound
Digital Theater Systems
Digital thermal sensor
Digital-to-analog converter
Digital transformation services
Digital TV
Digital versatile disc
Digital versatile disc read/write
Digital versatile disc recordable
Digital video
Digital video camera
Digital video disc
Digital video editing
Digital video express
Digital video recorder
Digital visual interface
Digital wallet
Digital watermark
Digital zoom


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2. When something is done, saved, or stored on a computer or other electronic device, it's done digitally. For example, when you write, edit, and save a document on your computer, you're doing it digitally. However, when you print a hard copy of that document, it's no longer digital.


A document stored on a computer is also known as a digital copy, digital version, electronic copy, and an electronic version.

3. Digital is also a computer company. See our Digital company page for more info about this business.

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