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Short for dual in-line memory module, DIMM is a module containing a circuit board and one more random access memory chips. DIMMs have a 168-pin connector and, from the advent of the Pentium processor, a 64-bit path. Because of the new bit path, DIMMs can be installed one at a time, unlike SIMMs (single inline memory modules) that would require installation in pairs.

Computer 512 MB DIMM

SO-DIMM, which is short for small outline dual in-line memory module, is available in both a 72-pin and 144-pin configuration. SO-DIMMs are commonly utilized in laptop computers. Below is an example picture of a 4 GB SODIMM memory stick from Crucial.

SODIMM stick

Advantages DIMMs have over SIMMs

  1. DIMMs have separate contacts on each side of the board, which provides twice as much data as a single SIMM.
  2. The command address and control signals are buffered on the DIMMs. With heavy memory requirements, this buffering reduces the loading effort of the memory.

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