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Released in 2015, Discord is a communication software for PC gaming. It lets users talk with friends, teammates, and community members using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and text chat channels. The Discord desktop client is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and the Discord mobile app is available for iOS and Android. The client can also run in the browser as a web application.

Discord is free to use. A premium service called Discord Nitro, which grants access to additional features, is available as a monthly paid subscription.

How do I get Discord?

Discord is available for the computer and the smartphone (Android and iOS). To download Discord on the computer, visit the official Discord homepage. Visit the App Store or Play Store to install Discord on a smartphone.

Once installed, you must create an account and visit a discord link to find the chat server.

Why do game servers require me to connect to Discord?

Many Discord game servers are created to form a community around a game. By connecting their players to Discord, you can see who's online and playing games and talk with other players. Discord can also control a community; with Discord being a form of verification, if players misbehave, they can be banned from Discord, which prevents access to the game server.

What is the age requirement for Discord?

The minimum age requirement for Discord is 13 in the United States. If you're not in the United States, see Discord's page on minimum age requirements.

Is Discord social media?

Yes, Discord can be described as a social media, which is defined as a place where many people gather to talk, share ideas and interests, or make new friends. A Discord server can be set up by a person, company, product, or service, allowing everyone interested in that subject to collect and communicate. Like other social media sites like Facebook, which allow a person to create a page or group.

Discord can also be thought of as chat, where a few friends create a Discord server to only communicate with each other.

Is Discord an acronym?

Discord is not an acronym, abbreviation, or short for a longer name. However, some users may abbreviate Discord as "cord," "dc," "disc," "ds," or "dscrd."

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