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Updated: 03/10/2024 by Computer Hope

A driver updater is a software tool that helps users list, manage, and update their computer hardware drivers. Below is an image of Driver Booster, a driver updater tool that found 18 device drivers needing to be updated on a computer.

Driver Booster driver updater software tool.

Do I need a driver updater?

No. While a driver updater helps make finding, downloading, and installing computer drivers easier, they aren't mandatory. All drivers available through an updater may also be obtained from the company that manufactured your computer or its hardware components.


Many OEM (original equipment manufacturer) computers have programs similar to a driver updater that helps their users download and install driver updates.

Doesn't Windows update also do drivers?

Microsoft does offer some hardware updates through Windows update. However, most of the hardware drivers are for enabling the devices to work and are not always the latest available versions.

Examples of driver updaters

Below are available driver updaters with links to the company's website and downloads page. All these programs have a free version, and others have a paid version that unlocks additional features.


When installing these programs (or others like them), make sure you understand what's being installed. Many processes also offer to install other programs you may not want or don't need.

  • Driver Booster (free and paid) - Software from IObit that scans and updates over 9,500,000 device drivers for the latest versions of Windows.
  • Snappy Driver Installer Origin (free) - Free and open source project that supports Windows 11, Windows 10, and previous versions as early as Windows XP.
  • Driver Easy (free and paid) - Driver updater that scans all devices and gives you the download from in the program.
  • DriverIdentifier (Free) - Simple, fast, and powerful driver updater.
  • Drivers Cloud (free) - A driver updater from Cybelsoft that runs from your browser.
  • Driver Talent (free and paid) - Driver download and update utility with support for all versions of Windows and Windows Server.
  • DriverHub (free and paid) - Driver updater that finds outdated drivers and provides a link to download updates.
  • DriverMax (free and paid) - Software to scan and update over 2,300,000 devices and many software packages.
  • Quick Driver Updater (free and paid) - Software tool with a user-friendly interface for updating recent versions of Windows drivers.

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