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An element may refer to any of the following:


1. When referring to Hypertext Markup Language, see our HTML element definition for further information.

2. Elements is often used as an abbreviation of Adobe Photoshop Elements.

3. An element is a single part of a larger group. For example, in computer programming an array can contain different elements that can be stored and called upon individually. For example, in the below Perl code the @names array contains five elements (names) and then uses a foreach to say hello to each of the names.

Foreach array example

my @names = ('Neil', 'Geoff', 'Nathan', 'Scott', 'Tim');
foreach (@names) {
 print "Hello $_\n";

In the example above, the following output would be printed to the screen.

Hello Neil
Hello Geoff
Hello Nathan
Hello Scott
Hello Tim

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