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Evernote is a family of products are web-based products that offer free cloud data storage services to link content to active web content. This service is meant to store personal files, pictures, voice recordings, documents, notes, and much more. One of the major draws of the Evernote product is that stored data may be accessed from so many different sources as long as you have an Internet connection. Evernote also offers access from smartphones and tablets using the Android and iOS systems. Evernote offers tagging of files for organization, so the user can personally define how their files are organized. Evernote has grown to offer other integrated products for very robust and extensive usage.

Evernote products

  • Skitch: Allows sketches as well as shapes used to draw attention to particular areas or parts of a file or image.
  • Penultimate: Allows you to write handwritten notes and sketches to replicate the feel of writing on paper.
  • Evernote Web Clipper: Designed to clip and save web pages and sites for future reference.
  • Evernote Hello: Personal contact manager to save notes and information about people, contacts, and clients.
  • Evernote Food: Save recipes, meals, and favorite restaurants. Can also make a connection to restaurant websites for menu review and potentially online reservations.
  • Evernote Clearly: Clears extraneous content from blogs, articles, and websites so they are less distracting and available to read at any time.
  • Evernote Peek: Takes notes, audio files, and images and reconfigures them to work as study guides.

Basic offerings for Evernote are free. A small monthly subscription charge enables you to use Evernote Business, which offers premium features. Premium features allow offline access on mobile devices, data sharing, and priority tech support as well as extended search features.

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