Updated: 03/05/2023 by Computer Hope

An expert is a person with extensive knowledge of a subject (e.g., computers) or a specific category relating to the subject. For example, someone with several years of computer experience is often considered a computer expert.


A person who works on a computer all day may not necessarily be a computer expert. There are a lot of different parts to computers. For example, a web developer who works with Linux all day may be unable to help you with your Windows problems.

How do I become a computer expert?

Becoming a computer expert requires a life-long journey of spending time daily using and learning more about computers. As you learn more, you'll realize how much there is to know.

The more you know, the more you realize you know nothing.
 - Socrates

We created the following page to start your journey to becoming a computer expert. On this page, we try to cover every aspect of computers with links to areas you can find more information.


It can be overwhelming trying to learn every detail of computers. It may be better for most people to learn a specific aspect of computers. For example, if you like to program, become an expert computer programmer or if you like to draw, become an expert graphic artist. You can be an expert in the computer field without having to know everything about the computer.

Other names for a computer expert

Many names describe a computer expert. Below are links to other names describing a computer expert.

Business terms, Expert system, Goat, Grey beard, Newbie, OG, Pro, Skill, SME