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Feedback may refer to any of the following:

Audio feedback

1. When referring to audio, feedback is the noise created by data errors through audio cables or wireless audio systems. Feedback is caused when a signal is sent through the output and received back to its input.

For example, when a microphone is connected to a nearby speaker, the microphone sends noise through the speaker. If the speaker volume is high or the two devices are close, the sound is picked up by the microphone, which subsequently creates an infinite loop of unfavorable noise.

2. Feedback is a comment, suggestion, or recommendation a user provides a company about a product or service.


Feedback may also be an idea, advice, opinion, rating, response, result, or a survey.

What makes effective feedback?

When offering feedback to another person or company, it's important to make that feedback effective. Effective feedback or constructive feedback is specific and actionable. For example, if you offered effective negative feedback on this page, you could tell us what you felt was missing from the page and maybe offer ideas on what could be added.

Below are examples of different levels of feedback that could be offered, from the least effective to the most effective.

Least effective feedback

It sucks!

This feedback wastes the time of the person who wrote it and would only result in the recipient deleting the message.

More effective feedback

I couldn't find what I was looking for on the page.

This feedback is more effective. It describes the problem and may result in the page getting updated. However, because it was not specific, it would likely not solve the problem for the person writing the feedback.

Effective feedback

I was unable to find an example of how I could give my teacher feedback. Can you give an example of how to give a teacher negative feedback without hurting her feelings?

This effective feedback lets the person know what they could not find and offers an example of what they'd like to find.

Is it ok to offer negative feedback?

Yes. Many people and companies appreciate negative effective feedback more than positive feedback because it gives them ideas about improving.

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