File manager

Updated: 11/16/2019 by Computer Hope

File manager may refer to any of the following:

file manager

1. A file manager is a program that helps users manage all the files on their computer. For example, all file managers allow users to view, edit, copy, and delete files on their computer storage devices.


With recent versions of Microsoft Windows, Windows Explorer (Explorer) is considered the default file manager. With Apple computers, Finder is considered the default file manager.


Although a file manager helps the user view and manage their files, the operating system is responsible for accessing and storing the files on a storage device.

2. With Microsoft Windows 3.x, File Manager is a Windows 3.x program that enables users to manage their files on the computer. File Manager was replaced with Explorer and the My Computer organizational metaphor in Windows 95 and later.

How to open the File Manager

The Windows File Manager in Windows 3.11 is in the Windows Program Manager Main window.

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