Updated: 10/30/2017 by Computer Hope
Computer Hope Twitter Followers

A follower is a term used to describe a person who is following another person on the social networking site Twitter. Every Twitter profile page has "Following xx," where xx is the number of people that person is following and "Followers xx," where xx is the number of people that are following that person. In our picture and example of Twitter followers you can see at the time of the picture Computer Hope was following 653 other people and that 1,415 people are following Computer Hope.

When following someone on Twitter, each post that person makes will be posted on your Timeline. Users who are more familiar with Facebook can think of a follower as a Friend. However, you can follow anyone on Twitter without waiting for them to accept, unless their Twitter page is private.

Finally, if you want to stop following someone, you would unfollow that person.

Is it important to have lots of followers?

No, generally speaking most of the people who have millions of followers are already celebrities or famous without Twitter. Also, there have been numerous studies done that indicate many of the people who have millions of followers also have hundreds of thousands of accounts that are fake or inactive accounts. The followers you want to have are real followers who read your tweets and are generally interested in your posts and it is ok if that is only a couple of people.

Should I be following more or less people than are following me?

Although you can get more followers by following lots of people since lots of people follow back people who follow them. Most active Twitter users only follow accounts that have more followers than they are following. Also, most people who see Twitter following hundreds of thousands of people realize that no human could ever read all their follower tweets.

How can I get more followers?

The best tip to get more followers is to be active and make your tweets interesting and something your followers want to read. See our top 10 Twitter tips on building your Twitter community.

What does it mean when it says "Follow us" on a web page?

A website like Computer Hope may suggest its viewers to follow them on one of the social networks they participate in to help keep informed about a company, product, or service. For example, if you are a Facebook user, you can follow Computer Hope to get updates on the site and helpful computer-related information.

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