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A freelancer is an independent contractor. The use of independent contractors can be used for a multitude of industries. It is fairly commonplace to employ contractors within many industries; where the aspect of utilizing talent while keeping overhead costs associated with personnel down. With the modernizing of the Internet, the opportunities for freelancing have exploded. With a search of the Internet, you can find a large variety of opportunities. You also find that the old constraints of location are no longer valid. International workers can compete for jobs as the Internet allows direct communication despite the distance between people. It is also extremely enticing since the needed tools are a computer and a high-speed Internet connection to set up a virtual office anywhere.

Freelancing websites are quite popular now. Each freelancing website allows for both freelancers and employers to register and build a profile. It is these profiles that keep track of a person's skills and reputation. The two main types of jobs are hourly and fixed price. With hourly jobs, usually an application is installed by the website to track time spent on the project. A fixed price job may allow for specific payments at milestones, but full payment is withheld until the product is delivered.

Freelancing tips

Below is a short listing of freelancing tips and things to consider if you would like to be a freelancer.

  • Working from home is not as easy as most people think with distractions and how easy it is to put things off until later. Keep a strict work schedule, or set amount of hours you need to work each week.
  • Always work for what you think you are worth. If your work is not an hourly contract, make sure you calculate the hourly rate to verify you are getting what you think you should be getting every hour.
  • Create a portfolio or website that demonstrates your abilities and past work examples.
  • It is ok to do multiple freelance jobs at once, but do not take on so many jobs that you cannot complete all of them.
  • Understand taxes or talk with an accountant. It is usually your responsibility to pay taxes on your earnings. Make sure to save a portion of your earnings for taxes.

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