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G may refer to any of the following:

1. Sometimes also displayed as <G>, G is chat slang for a grin and is used to illustrate a grin (smile) while in a text-based communication.

2. G is a key used with the keyboard shortcuts Alt+G, Command+G, and Ctrl+G.

3. In a debug routine, "g" is entered to run the debug routine.

4. With some Logitech gaming keyboards, a "G" in a circle is a keyboard function key that enables Game mode. When enabled, Game mode disables the Windows key. For example, pressing Fn+F8 on the Logitech G513 keyboard enables and disables Game mode. When enabled an LED indicator next to the G in a circle appears in the top-right portion of the keyboard.

5. G is the seventh letter of the English alphabet. The letter "G" comes after "F" and is followed by the letter "H." To create a capitalized "G" press the Shift and G key at the same time.


If the "G" key is not working on the keyboard, see: Some of the keys on my computer keyboard aren't working.

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